Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Happy Birthday Darling Husband

My dear husband, Happy Birthday to you! 

October! Month of happiness I guest. My birthday, his birthday, our anniversary. It all happen in this month. Easy. Next time pergi honeymoon, family vacation, just choose this month utk meraikan segala hari. 

Harini cuti hari deepavali. Semalam xada apa2 special utk syg, sbb dah almost pokai. Haha. 

Today, hanya choc lava cake, special bake for him. Tanya dia, mahu makan apa? Let me cook for him. Nasi goreng yg dia minta. Easy! Lagipun nasi malam semalam ada lagi. Nasi goreng simple for him. Next year birthday, i do something special for you ok baby? 

Be good! Be my boy my hero and my baby forever! Me love you to the moon and back. Finish up all my lava choc cake!! Kalau x, dja merajuk. Haha 

Your baby wifey 

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