Monday, February 16, 2015

My career life : promoted

Hello mellow..

I'm promoted! Alhamdulillah. Syukur sgt diberi kepercayaan sebegini. Di hargai sebegini. Itulah, rezeki masing2.. 

Last week my boss panggil masuk factory director's room. Saying that i've been promoted as Senior QA exec. Xsangka langsung. Just join the company on last May 14, not even one year and alhamdulillah. Rezeki.. 

Beban kerja mcm tu lah jugak. But now, walau kerja berat but still i feel appreciated. My work hard being paid. Tq tq!! Barulah semangat utk terus maju. 

Actually, i tot of resigning few weeks ago and looking for new job. Because I cant handle the pressure anymore. But then husband bgtau mana ada kerja xpressure. It's okay if you pressure dgn kerja but not with people. It just you need to tackle and handle it. How to manage it. 

Luckily i have my very good QC, Misha! Hye misha. (I think she still read my blog. Lol lol) thank you for help me out during these though days. Tq tq. Nanti kita belanja makan mee bandung udang tg langsat ok? Hahahhaa i dont know if I dont have her. 

And now have to settle complaint product from Russia. Haihh. Bila fikir malasssss je rasa nak kerja. Tp haip! Haip! Kata nak jd suri rumah berjaya.. Eh?!! Haha

I love my job right now, but the people around me....?? Errrrr.. 

See ya! 

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Wahidah Aziz said...

congratulation senior. hihihi

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