Saturday, April 4, 2015



Its been a year and half.. But still honeymoneymoon with my darling husband. Read a lot of pregnancy experience and so on including berTTC. 

Shall i start to focus on TTC, since before nie ambil mudah n never check with doctor nor consume any product. Bila family dah bertanya and sudah mula terasa and paling terasa bila last 2months and this month my can said regular sharp on time period start no more regular. My cycle is about 28 days and normally on 28th days of the month akan berguguranlah dinding darah tu. Mmg tepat dan sgt tepat. Not even one day delay. But last two months, my cik P came late, after 2 days only she say hi to me.. The next month early one day and this month 3 days delay plus bila dtg she just came say hi for two days only. And its fresh blood, jadi mmg tiada apa2 ok. 

Thats worry me a lot, sbb I xpernah like this. My cycle regular and stable but no more now. Google here and there nmpak group TTC, then i know what is TTC and BBT. Hurm.. 

Shall i? Am i really ready??! 


Btw, i love kids. Kids okay. Kid with s. And kids always love me too. ZzzZZZZzzz 


Wahidah Aziz said...

ttc tu apo dija?

Ct DJa said...

Ttc tu try to concieve dik.. 😜😜 Kau kan ratu google?

Wahidah Aziz said...

dah turun takhta semenjak berkerjaya. hahaha. All the best untuk TTC

Ct DJa said...

Hahaha, so no queen maka pwincess google maybe. 😝

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